Happy Butterfly

James of Happy Butterfly, who's also an active dancer says:

Hi! I love bow ties and I was frustrated by how hard is it to get a good bow tie for swing dancing. And I wasn't willing to pay £75 for a machine-made one either. So I started to sew these lovely bow ties at home.

Mind you, selecting a great bow tie isn't as easy as it sounds. There are many important factors to consider: thickness is a big one. How narrow are the narrow bits. Will it flop? Will it look too chunky? I was shocked by the lack of thought many companies put into their bow ties. Fortunately for you, I wear a bow tie pretty much every day and I've given this a lot of thought, so you don't have to.

If you're a strong personality, a bow tie can really help you express yourself. No other item or accessory I own brought me so many compliments, looks from women, and even requests for taking pictures with me, as the bow ties I made.

And contrary to the popular belief, bow ties are immensely practical:

  • Unlike neck ties, they are not in the habit of traveling into a bowl of soup, spilling anything on them requires a good deal of acrobatic ability.
  • These cotton bow ties are way more versatile than neck ties. I wear them with both white shirt and suit and with a button down, plaid shirt.
  • They don't require a lot of space or careful folding. I have many of them and they still fit into one shoe box. And travelling with them is easy too!
  • I'd argue that tying them is easier as well. They never hang too low or too high – this is where so many men go wrong with neck ties.
  • And best of all: my bow ties are made of cotton. That means no expensive dry cleaning (chuck them into washing machine!) and also they'll last – unlike silk-made ties which tend to degrade faster.

Silly as it sounds no matter what the day has in for me, selecting one of my bow ties is a little thing that makes me happy every morning. And – being a bit eccentric – I do enjoy the compliments and the attention I get every day!

So yes, I know I'm obsessed with my bow ties... probably a tad too much, but trust me, I spend so much time on them that I doubt you can find better ones. I love making them. They are made on my sewing machine and all the details are hand-finished.

Being influenced by asian philosophy, I don't believe material possessions can buy happiness, but if there's one that comes close, it's a bow tie.