Jordan Baker - Flapper style hat


Fans of the latest interpretation of the Great Gatsby will recognise this flapperstyle hat as a direct copy of the one worn by Elizabeth Debicki playing Jordan Baker. It has the fitted shape made popular in the 1920s and is made of wool felt in a variety of colours.

Available in three sizes:

Small 21 - 22in (53-55.5cm)
Medium 22 - 23ins (55.5-58.5cm)
Large 23 - 24ins (58.5-61cm)


All our hats are personally handmade to order by the talented Jane. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

 "I’ve been making hats for longer than I’m prepared to admit. It’s always been a passion. I love that when you put on a hat you feel so different. There will often be a strong reaction, and sometimes it’s fits of laughter, but when you’ve got the right hat, it’s pure delight.

I make hats in the style of the vintage eras that I love, especially the 20’s through to the 50s. Many of them are uni sized as they perch on the head and stay on with an elastic, and/or if you’re brave, a hat pin.

I love the swing dance scene, the styles, the upbeat music and love, love, love to dance – although I really need to practise more!! (Too busy making hats!). I try to make styles that are fairly small and close fitting, so one can dance unhindered."

All hats are shipped for free and come in their own hat box.