About Swing Patrol

We love swing dancing. We love the history, the music, the fashion, and the moves. As part of the vibrant swing scene here in London, we teach swing lessons in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues and Balboa to over 1000 people a week. When we're not teaching we hold dances on a grand and small scale and are always on the look our for the next adventure.

We're more than just a dance school though, we're about community. Every class we teach and every event we run has the aim of bringing people together through a joint love of Swing Dancing. We want to make it easy for anyone to get involved, regardless of how many left feet they believe they have.

Since our director, Scott Cupit, arrived from Australia with just two teachers in 2009, we've grown to include a talented teaching team of fifty, four incredible dance troupes and a community of 1000s of students, all of whom we are extremely proud. You can find out more about our journey, as well as our classes and events here.

This shop came about when we noticed that our dancers were struggling to know where to go to for the clothing and accessories that make them look and feel the part. We wanted to create a place where they can come to find everything they might need for dancing. But it's not just for dancers! Anyone can enjoy the great quality products we have on offer.