Learn to Dance in a Day for 2 people - London


Give the gift of dance! Our Dance in a Day: Lindy Hop workshops are beginner dance workshops aimed at introducing dancers to the key principles and moves of Lindy Hop. They’re the perfect gift for people who want to learn to dance but don’t know where to begin.

This voucher entitles two people (one lead and one follow) to a 3.5 hour group workshop with our top Swing Patrol teachers in London*

When you purchase this voucher, we'll send you either an e-voucher to print or a gift card in the post (please select from the options - postal vouchers are subject to shipping costs). Your recipient will be able to select the workshop of their choice and book by emailing info@swingpatrol.co.uk.

*This voucher is only valid for Learn to Dance in a Day workshops held in London.

About the workshop

There’s no experience necessary – our teachers are experts at teaching beginner dancers. Dancers spend an afternoon in a relaxed and friendly environment learning a new skill and meeting new people.

We swap partners throughout the session which is a great way to learn and meet a whole bunch of like minded people!

What are leads and follows?

The lead is the person that initiates the movement while follows respond to the signals as in other partnered dancing like Tango or Ballroom. We don't mind which role you do but please stay with it for the duration of the workshop.